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We’re growing a movement and need good people to rise up! 

Our volunteers are excellent collaborative leaders, and, because we’re a small, all-volunteer team, they are adept at working independently and reliably, communicating proactively, and taking initiative.   

Here are current projects for which we need volunteers:


Identify orgs in states where efforts to introduce legislation are underway and to develop a power map of orgs that are active in protecting workers’ rights and well-being. No background in research is necessary.


Senior fundraising professional to advise about optimal organizational structure under which to raise funds for a growing movement (for example, seek a fiscal sponsor?) and to develop a fundraising plan.

Public relations

Public relations professionals who can lead efforts to raise awareness in states where there is an active bill or efforts to get a bill against workplace bullying going (Oregon, Rhode Island, and Texas) or to elevate our profile and activities at a national level.

Team leads

State bill directors in Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont, states where there is greater political support for workers’ rights and where we are more likely to succeed in passing legislation at this time. (A letter of interest is required. Guidelines provided on request.)


Tech expert to help us identify free or low-cost work-sharing applications for both state teams and the national team, structure a way to manage documents and information, and work with our state teams to use these resources.

If you are interested in pursuing projects not described above, we are open to discussing how your skills and experiences might align with our current strategic plan and its goals, objectives, and activities.  

Candidates who are currently facing workplace bullying or dealing with the aftermath of bullying are asked to prioritize self-care and to volunteer with us when they are on more stable footing. We need volunteers who can provide consistent and reliable help and can easily handle the give and take of collaboration. Trauma and uncertain life situations, however, may make it hard for candidates to meet these requisites. They may also retraumatize current volunteers, the majority of whom are survivors of workplace bullying.

Email if you are interested in any of the above volunteer positions.

We believe America’s workers have a right to safe workplaces where their psychological health is recognized as a vital component of overall well-being. All people — regardless of their gender, race, color, national origin, class, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, size, income, faith, religion, and political affiliation — deserve to lead healthy and productive lives and to work in safe environments free from workplace abuse, workplace bullying, workplace mobbing, and oppression.

We are part of End Workplace Abuse, which strives to protect and promote workers’ right to psychological wellness – critical to physical health, by advocating for the elimination of abusive behaviors (bullying, mobbing, and harassment) from the American workplace. We achieve our mission by organizing and leading a collective movement advocating for psychological safety at work. We lobby for protective legislation and policies, raise public awareness about psychological harm at work, build leaders who campaign for abuse-free workplaces, and collaborate with other organizations advancing workers’ rights. Because bias and prejudice are often an integral part of workplace abuse, we advocate for protections against discrimination.

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