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Quarterly progress reports

help grow a movement

Getting together to talk about the direction we’re going in helps us in two major ways:

  • It gets us on the same page to create change. Movements are the tool for meaningful change in the U.S.. And we’re creating a growing corps of doers who say American workers deserve psychological safety at work.
  • It helps us heal so we’re ready to act. Connecting with each other is the antidote for trauma. It helps us heal so we can do the important work of advocating for our human rights and passing much-needed legislation.

Learn how we’re taking action in our quarterly progress reports:


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We believe America’s workers have a right to safe workplaces where their psychological health is recognized as a vital component of overall well-being. All people — regardless of their gender, race, color, national origin, class, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, size, income, faith, religion, and political affiliation — deserve to lead healthy and productive lives and to work in safe environments free from workplace abuse, workplace bullying, workplace mobbing, and oppression.

We are part of End Workplace Abuse, which strives to protect and promote workers’ right to psychological wellness – critical to physical health, by advocating for the elimination of abusive behaviors (bullying, mobbing, and harassment) from the American workplace. We achieve our mission by organizing and leading a collective movement advocating for psychological safety at work. We lobby for protective legislation and policies, raise public awareness about psychological harm at work, build leaders who campaign for abuse-free workplaces, and collaborate with other organizations advancing workers’ rights. Because bias and prejudice are often an integral part of workplace abuse, we advocate for protections against discrimination.

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