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We’re growing a movement

Movements are the tool for meaningful change in the U.S.. And we’re creating a growing corps of doers who say American workers deserve psychological safety at work.

By joining our growing campaign, you offer hope:

  • Hope for those who currently suffer from abuse at work and feel isolated and minimized
  • Hope for those who fear moving to another toxic workplace without employer accountability
  • Hope for those in the aftermath who have no road to justice
  • Hope for those who feel alone and misunderstood in the healing process
  • Hope for yourself knowing psychologically safe work environments are within our reach if we stand in our personal and collective power to create change

We’re committed to psychological safety in our own working environment. Requirements for all roles include:

  • Humility, open-mindedness, collaboration, and a willingness to create a safe space to disagree and make mistakes in a learning-by-doing, problem-solving environment
  • Support for each other through our own action
  • Respect for others’ backgrounds and boundaries
  • Shared ownership of the collective work and personal ownership of our own areas
  • Ability to self-reflect and empathize
  • Sufficiently healed from the trauma of workplace abuse to minimize triggering of others
  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong supervisory and leadership skills
  • Ability to prioritize

We need your help with these volunteer positions:


The State Bill Director is responsible for building up and steering the direction of the state team with coaching with the ultimate goal of passing the Workplace Psychological Safety Act. Training for 2025 will begin in early 2024 with opportunity to organize beforehand. This role is a long-term role, with the expectation it will take at least 10 years to pass a bill.


  • Directs the state bill strategy, including identifying a state legislator(s) to introduce the bill (lead sponsor).
  • Keeps in touch with lead sponsors’ staffers for strategy and understanding of the legislative process.
  • Grows a base of volunteers/supporters through marketing tactics.
  • Partners with like-minded organizations.
  • Organizes actions around the strategy.
  • Recruits, vets, and manages volunteers.

At least one year of experience with labor organizing, advocacy, and managing volunteers

State Team Members are responsible for progressing the state team with coaching with the ultimate goal of passing the Workplace Psychological Safety Act.


  • Partners with like-minded organizations for endorsement and joint actions.
  • Organizes creative direct actions and Lobby Days around the strategy to bring attention to the issue.
  • Markets the Workplace Psychological Safety Act using End Workplace Abuse’s digital tools.
Marketing & Fundraising

Bloggers write blog posts on both related topics they’re interested in and blog post topics created in partnership with the Blog Director.


  • Writes blog posts for various audiences.
  • Coordinates blog posts on other blogs as needed.

Writing. Submit a writing sample.

The Event Planner oversees manageable events for the year.


  • Maps out a manageable calendar of national events for the year (or statewide beginning in one state).
  • Organizes events. Ideas include forums, book groups, groups for connections, and film screenings as desired. Later grows to creative direct actions.
  • Manages volunteers helping with events.

At least one year of experience with event planning

The Outreach Managers work on coalition-building with like-minded national organizations: groups advancing rights in labor, identity, and related topics. 


  • Maintains relationships with partners.
  • Identifies leaders who can testify at virtual and in-person hearings.
  • Trains new outreach volunteers on national and state levels.
  • Oversees the workflow of partnerships and adherence of outreach volunteers to organizational norms and policies.

At least one year of experience with building partnerships

The Professional Group Strategist manages professional association contacts and memberships, including building awareness on social media, professional events, and those willing to provide expert testimony.


  • Manages contacts in associations in psychology, social work, sociology, employment law, and more and explores joining these professional associations.
  • Oversees social media connecting with these groups.
  • Inventories bullying and whistleblower annual events.
  • Identifies expert testifiers for hearings.

Organizational skills and social media experience

The Social Media Content Creator manages new social media content, including social media campaigns, branded graphics, and paid digital advertising.


  • Creates social media campaigns, including hashtags. 
  • Tweets at legislators in states with active bills.
  • Creates branded infographics.
  • Manages paid advertising, retargeting, and paid search terms.

At least one year of experience with design and paid advertising.

The Speaker Series Director oversees booking monthly speakers and film screenings for fundraising and educational purposes.


  • Identifies issues that targets of workplace abuse want to better understand (trauma, neuroscience, equity. navigating the system, healing, etc.).
  • Finds speakers to talk about those issues.
  • Books speakers for monthly talks and obtains headshots, bios. and talk descriptions.
  • Works with directors of marketing and sponsorships to promote the talks and sponsorships.
  • Introduces speakers at the monthly talks.

At least one year of experience with event planning.

The Stories Director manages the Stories section for this website.


  • Edit, post, and tag submitted stories.
  • Shares new links with the Marketing Director for sharing on social media.

Working in WordPress

Interested in any of the above volunteer positions? Fill out this form.

We will contact qualified candidates who are a good fit and schedule an interview.

Because this work can result in retrauma for yourself and others, we ask that you wait until the abuse no longer affects your day-to-day living, including healing time, before reaching out to us.

Questions? Email

(Don’t see a good fit? You can still help. Sign up to get action alerts so you can write to state legislators or if you’re interested in pursuing projects not listed, feel free to reach out.)

We believe America’s workers have a right to safe workplaces where their psychological health is recognized as a vital component of overall well-being. All people — regardless of their gender, race, color, national origin, class, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, size, income, faith, religion, and political affiliation — deserve to lead healthy and productive lives and to work in safe environments free from workplace abuse, workplace bullying, workplace mobbing, and oppression.

We are part of End Workplace Abuse, which strives to protect and promote workers’ right to psychological wellness – critical to physical health, by advocating for the elimination of abusive behaviors (bullying, mobbing, and harassment) from the American workplace. We achieve our mission by organizing and leading a collective movement advocating for psychological safety at work. We lobby for protective legislation and policies, raise public awareness about psychological harm at work, build leaders who campaign for abuse-free workplaces, and collaborate with other organizations advancing workers’ rights. Because bias and prejudice are often an integral part of workplace abuse, we advocate for protections against discrimination.

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